Legal Consulting




-registration and re-registration of COMMERCIAL legal entities – CJSC, LLC
-registration and re-registration of NON-COMMERCIAL legal entities – Partnerships, Cooperatives, etc.
-adjustments to the Articles of Incorporation
-filing adjustments with the State Registry of Legal Entities
-legal assistance in deals involving corporate shares transactions
-reorganization of legal entities
reparation of reports to the FSFM of Russia and its territorial
-establishment of the legal entity registered as a small business
-establishment of the legal entity in extra-budgetary funds (PFR, FSS, HIF)
-obtaining statistical codes
-receipt of statements from the register
-opening bank accounts in credit institutions


Arbitration proceedings - representation of legal entities including bankruptcy court (all levels)

-legal advice
-assessment of the legal positions and prospects in the case
-preparation of procedural documents
-representation in court
-obtaining a writ of execution on frderal tax returns


Tax disputes

-preparation of objections to a tax audit
-legal representation in disputes with tax authorities
-participation in the settlement of tax claims by fiscal authorities (FTS)


Real estate transactions

Legal review of owner's documents, as follows:

-verification of the constituent documents of the company
-verification of regulatory compliance of title
-ensuring there are no violations of the rights of members (shareholders) during property acquisition
-establishing the facts of presence/absence of encumbrances of the property
-registration of rights to real estate


Translation of legal documentation into and from English

-written translation and linguistic analysis of foreign contracts and legal papers (En-Ru; Ru-En)
-oral interpreting at business negotiations and court appearances


Subscription service

-our legal department offers its full spectrum of services on retainer basis