Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen

(Constitution of the Russian Federation)


Article 22
1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom and personal immunity.
2. Arrest, detention and remanding in custody shall be allowed only by court decision. Without the court's decision a person may not be detained for a term more than 48 hours.

Article 24
1. The collection, keeping, use and dissemination of information about the private life of a person shall not be allowed without his or her consent.
2. The bodies of state authority, local self-government and their officials shall ensure for everyone the ability to acquaint themselves with the documents and materials directly affecting their rights and freedoms, unless otherwise provided for by law.

Article 48
1. Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to qualified legal assistance. In cases envisaged by law the legal assistance shall be free.
2. Any person detained, taken into custody, accused of committing a crime shall have the right to receive the assistance of a lawyer (counsel for the defense) from the moment of detention, confinement in custody or facing charges, accordingly.

Article 51
1. No one shall be obliged to provide incriminating evidence against self, or immediate close relatives the range of whom is determined by the federal law.
2. The federal law may envisage other cases of absolution from the obligation to testify.