Special Assignment Audit


JSC Audit-EuroFinance can conduct a Special Assignment Audit, aimed at specific areas and aspects of the company’s operations, which do not require comprehensive inspection of the entire system of accounting.

The main purpose of this type of audit is the timely detection of errors and irregularities in the accounting and reporting, as well as identifying additional possibilities for improving the efficiency of the business processes.

This kind of audit is a type of Internal Audit and is conducted only at the initiative of the organization’s management and/or shareholders.

Special Assignment audits are conducted for reasons such as:

- assessing the legality  in the use of a company’s property and financial assets 

- evaluating different aspects of the tax and accounting practices (for example to verify compliance with currency legislation, or the applicability of tax benefits, etc.)

- verifying the correctness of the cost-benefit assessments given current regulations

As a result of a task-specific and goal-oriented assessment, the Special Assignment Audit helps elucidate the company’s real state of affairs, resolve difficult situations etc., which in turn allows for the planning of future investments, acquisitions or the complete modernization of the production processes.

The result of the audit is a written report about the reasons which prevent the company’s optimal financial efficiency, and suggestions about how to solve the problems.