Internal Audit 


Internal Audit is a type of audit, which unlike Statutory Audit, is conducted voluntarily at the behest of a company’s owner/manager/investor.

The need for an Internal Audit may arise in some of the following situations:

- in the case of doubts regarding the accuracy of accounting practices

- when changing ownership

- for estimating the efficiency of utilizing the company’s financial resources

- before a government audit, in order to avoid tax penalties

An Internal Audit can help ensure the smooth running of business processes at your company. Whether you plan to establish business relationships with a serious partner, or simply to not worry about your business, then you should consider an Internal Audit. A contract with Audit-EuroFinance will give you the opportunity to show your openness and demonstrate the reliability of your business.

The results of your Internal Audit will be summed up in a detailed report describing the current situation with your business together with recommendations for the correction of errors and omissions related to accounting.