Auditor’s Report


The Auditor’s Report is an official document prepared in a proper legal format and containing the auditor’s opinion about the authenticity and correctness of company’s financial statements.

The types of Auditor’s Reports:

1. Unmodified Opinion report:

- in the cases when the auditor comes to the conclusion that a company’s accounting accurately reflects all   aspects of its financial operations

2.  Modified Opinion report:

- the auditor may express a disagreement with a company’s accounting if there is ample evidence that it does not accurately reflect the reality of its financial operations

- a refusal to express any opinion occurs in those cases when the volume of audited activity is insufficiently small compared to the total volume of financial activity


Opinion With Reservations is expressed in the cases when:  

- upon reviewing all required documentation, the auditor discovers clear evidence of deviation from common practices, yet not substantial enough to affect the tax and accounting operations of the company

- in the cases when the auditor is not provided with sufficient enough information upon which a complete assessment can be made