a company of auditors

in the heart of Saint Petersburg


JSC Audit-EuroFinance was founded in 2002 in the picturesque heart of our northern capital.
Over the years Audit-EuroFinance developed from a midsize consulting group into a fast-growing company with positive financial parameters in the field of audit, financial and legal consulting. Ensuring, all the while, the highest level of safety for its business partners. 


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Our high-end service solutions guarantee optimal risk reduction.
Making your business safer, we give you a chance to earn more.
Audit-EuroFinance has surrounded itself with a multitude of partners
among which a special place is reserved for

LLC “Russian Archive House”


...a good company,

for good people...


...we protect what is most precious...

We specializes in cloud computing solutions for archiving documentation as well as actual physical storage of paper documents. 

…time is not money, time is priceless…


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