Why us?


JSC "ACG Audit-EuroFinance" (ОРНЗ 11004006284) is a corporate member of the self-regulating organization of auditors Noncommercial Partnership "Auditors Guild of the Regional Institutes of Professional Accountants", confirmed by certificate dated January 19, 2010 № 010656


Protocol № 12 of December 31, 2010 "Auditors Guild of the Regional Institutes of Professional Accountants", finds the audit activity of JSC "ACG Audit-EuroFinance" sufficient for ensuring the quality of audit practices in accordance with the required standards.

- our customers chose us because our goal is long-term  cooperation 
- our principle is predictability in relationships
- we are ahead of your needs 
- we save you time and money
- we offer differentiated methods of payment
- we guarantee your safety and peace of mind
- we offer the package of services which addresses your needs precisely

Our company strives to create conditions for its customers and partners, such that our relations are mutually comfortable and economically justifiable. 

Such an approach to doing business is highly appreciated by many top-level executives, which is why the majority of our new clients approach us upon personal recommendations from their business partners.

In addition, our company has been involved in government-ordered audits of organizations managing housing and utilities services founded by the city of Saint Petersburg. 

In its  letter of recommendation The Committee for Management of City Property gave high praise for the professionalism of our staff.