President and CEO


Irina E. Rezantseva (PhD, JD) is the President and CEO of Audit-EuroFinance. A top-level executive professional possessing exceptional knowledge and experience. Always one step ahead of market demand and always able to make the necessary strategic decisions for the company’s growth and improvement. 


Brief professional biography

 Member of the Russian Institute of Professional Accountants (certificate #0612584 since Sept. 20th 2006). Representative for the North-Western IPA in charge of inspecting the training and vocational centers offering advanced examinations and certificates in accounting. Official observer-monitor for the IPA in the conduct of qualifications exams required for obtaining auditor’s certificate. Member of the commission in charge of selecting auditor’s organizations for conducting all mandatory annual audits of Federal Government-owned Unitary Enterprises. Member of the transregional organization of Federal Tax Consultants since 2007.



 1989 – Hmelnitskiy Technical Institute – BA, Engineer-economist specializing in “labor relations and organization” 

1994 – St. Petersburg State University – JD, “Law and Jurisprudence”

1995 – St. Petersburg State University – MA, Economics “Finance and credit”

1995 – Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation – special courses in management and administration

2007 – North Western Institute for Tax Consulting – special courses in tax consulting